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Patent Attorney

Satoko NISHIDA, Ph.D.




・Representation before the Japan Patent Office
・Preparing and prosecuting Japanese patent applications
・Maintaining Japanese patents
・Performing professional patent searches

Legal Opinions

・Risk assessment


Dr. Satoko Nishida is a Japanese patent attorney. She is strong legal professional with a Ph.D. focused in Computer Science from Osaka University, Japan.

She is actively involved in managing Prior Art Searches, Novelty/Patentability Searches, Patent Validity Searches, Patent Infringement Analysis, Patent Application Filing at JPO and Responding to JP office actions.

Satoko Nishida

Satoko NISHIDA, Ph.D.
Patent Attorney, registration number  21081


Bachelor’s degree from Osaka University, Japan.
Master’s degree from Osaka University Graduate School, Japan.
Ph.D. from Osaka University Graduate School, Japan.
Patent Examiner, the Japan Patent Office.
Information Security Sub-division, Data Processing Division
Interface Division
1st Examiner Exchange Program (Israel Patent Office) JPO Counterpart
Consultant on Trials and Appeals, the Japan Patent Office.
Patent Engineer, Fukami Patent Office, P.C., Japan.
Associate Attorney, a middle size law firm, Japan.


“Introduction of Oral Proceedings, -Practical tips of effective use of oral proceedings for beginners-“, Patent Magazine, April 2022.


Patent Attorney
Satoko NISHIDA, Ph.D.
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